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Salon Success Strategies is a full service marketing agency
specializing in salons, day spas, and medical spas.

No matter the size of your salon, spa or medi-spa, we have marketing solutions, tools and education available for you. To learn more about our suites of various services, click a catagory below to get started. If you want immediate help, click here to request a marketing specialist to contact you.

Marketing Services to Fit Your Needs

Full Service Marketing
Marketing Education
Self Service Marketing

Salon Success Strategies is a marketing agency catering only to the beauty industry. We act as the marketing department for salons, day spas and medical spas using our tested strategies to grow long lasting, profitable businesses.

Why Salon Success Strategies?

We Understand Your Business

Our founders and marketeers have over 20 years of experience marketing in the beauty indusrty, we understand your business and your clients. As a marketing company, we market many successful salons, spas and medi-spas nationwide allowing us the insight of what strategies are working right now for each type of business and how it can apply to your business.

Our Philosophy Is Different

We build a marketing culture for our clients on the basis of "grow from within", focusing first on maximizing your existing clients' frequency of visit, average ticket sale, referrals and loyalty. Our experience has shown that when your client base is strong, your business will grow effortlessly with many of our clients experiencing a 30-50% growth in their first year in our marketing program.

We're Innovative

Our team is always testing and implementing unique strategies that will capture clients attention and create interaction. With an in-house design department and team of marketers, our designs and campaign creations are high quality, cutting edge and more affordable than traditional advertising and marketing options. To see a chart on how we compare to other popular marketing and advertising options, click here.

We're Here For You

We understand that all businesses are not created alike and the same solutions do not work for everyone. This is why we take the time to cater to each client individually and work together to understand your unique goals, your distinctive client demographic and the marketing language that appeals to your client base. We often survey and test the industry to gain a deeper understanding of market demands, then we apply this knowledge to our clients’ strategies.

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We Can Be Your Marketing Department

Salon Success Strategies is a Full Service marketing agency catering only for the beauty industry. We understand your business, your clients, your staff and your marketing needs.

Salon Business Marketing is our full service program offered only to select salons, spas and medical spas and this program is designed to deliver to you a marketing team who will create compelling offers, unique designs and original ideas that will drive sales and strengthen your business.

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Marketing Made Easy!

Salon Business Today is our self service membership site designed for solo practitioners, rental stylists or smaller salons and spas who want to take control of their marketing and their businesses. This low-cost, high-impact membership program is designed to help beauty industry professionals grow their businesses by using our proven strategies and marketing material easily delivered every month. As a Salon Business Today member, you will have access to hundreds of documents, videos, workshops, marketing material, etc. right at your fingertips!


Marketing Education

We Can Show You the Way

Our education platforms provide you with the knowledge of today’s proven and tested marketing techniques that all successful salon, spas and medical spa owners or solo practitioners need to know.


Salon Success Workshops

Our live marketing workshops are designed to teach salon and spa owners the best methods for offer creation, how to create a cohesive marketing strategy, current marketing "best practices" and provide step-by-step guidance to achieve a streamlined marketing program. During these 2-3 day events you will get the help you need to develop the perfect plan for your business so you can market smarter and more effectively.
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See Us Live

Our marketing experts speak nationwide at industry tradeshows, conferences and extended learning events.

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Online Education

Through webinars and teleseminars, we are able to provide unlimited resources and valuable education to owners and practitioners from the comfort of your home or business. We host a complimentary live monthly webinar with a variety of marketing topics.

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